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Renault Electric Cars are available in various models. Select the price, availability, battery, range, acceleration, drive, towing, fast charge, top speed, charge plug, etc. of your requirement from the dropdown option and acquire your desired Renault EV car model after a deep review.

Renault Electric Car Models

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FAQs on Best Renault EVs

1. What is the newly launched EV car by Renault? 

The newly launched EV car by Renault is Kangoo E Tech Electric.

2. How Long does Renault battery last? 

Renault battery lasts long based on the range of the chosen Renault model. 

3. What is the most inexpensive model by Renault? 

The most inexpensive model by Renault is Twingo Electric.

4. What are the upcoming EV cars from Renault? 

The upcoming EV car model from Renault are not available. 

5. Which is the most mileage efficient car model in Renault?

The most mileage efficient car model in Renault is Megane E Tech EV60 220hp.