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6 Electric Cars That Has Game Changing Features Our of 15 EVs

More electric cars are on sale than ever before. In 2022, I got behind 15 electric cars, and out of the 6 awesome features made 6 models stand out from the growing pack. We have given the list of those awesome 6 electric cars. They are Rivian R1S's, Ford F-150, Pininfarina Battista, Tesla Model Y, Polestar 2, and Hyundai Ioniq 5.

Six Awesome Electric Cars with Features

Here we are giving the list of 6 electric cars with the best features that made them best in 2022.

  • The ruggedness of Rivian R1S
  • Frunk of Ford F-150 Lightning
  • Absurd Acceleration of Pininfarina Battista
  • Supercharging Ability of Tesla Model Y
  • Style of Hyundai Ioniq 5
  • Screens of Polestar 2

The Tesla Model Y's Supercharging Ability

Tesla model cars are known for a lot of things like minimalist interiors, sporty performance, and for the best or worse, their boisterous mastermind. But, while testing Tesla Model Y EV, one thing that surprised me the most was its fast charging ability. Tesla's proprietary supercharging network is extensive and makes pit stops remarkably easy.

Tesla Model Y Charging

This supercharging technique is helpful during long drives. It's way more seamless than using other charging providers, which might need owners to swipe a card or navigate an app.

When you plot a route in a Tesla's navigation system, the car recommends charging spots and even prepares the battery for optimal charging as you approach.

The Rivian R1S's Ruggedness

Electric car startup Rivian's SUV is big, comfy, and ferociously quick/ What really sets it apart, though, is its tremendous off-road capability.

The Launch model I drove has 4 motors, one driving each wheel. This setup not only allows for tons of power but also helps the R1S's advanced all-wheel-drive system find grip when the going gets steep or slippery.

The Rivian R1S

I know next to nothing about off-roading, yet I had a blast trundling over boulders, fording streams, and climbing up steep hills. The SUV's air suspension can change the height and ride stiffness to match different types of terrain. And with the help of a built-in air compressor, Rivian owners can refill their tires after a day on the trails.

The Pininfarina Battista's Absurd Acceleration

The Pininfarina Battista's Absurd Acceleration

Pininfarina Battista is powered by 4v motors worth 1,900 hp, the $2 million supercar blasts to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds. The sensation of flooring is brutal and thrilling and makes you question whether you just broke the laws of physics.

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The Polestar 2's ScreensThe Polestar 2's Screens

The Polestar 2 has sleek looks, sporty handling, and a modern cabin all make it a worthy Tesla competitor. But its Google-powered infotainment system is what captivated me most.

In a world where cars are becoming increasingly screen filled and buttonless - often to the detriment of user-friendliness the Polestar 2 is a bright spot. Its infotainment system is uncomplicated, easy to use, nice looking, and doesn't hide important settings behind a maze of menus.

The Ford F-150 Lightning's Frunk

An electric version of America's popular pickup, the F-150 Lightning is a game changer. Its best feature is a massive front truck.

Pop the lightning's "hood", and you gain access to a cavernous compartment complete with a divider, a power outlet, and under-floor storage. It is the best solution for any things you want to keep secure and out of the exposed bed. In addition, The entire grille area lifts up with the hatch, providing a conveniently low loading zone.

Hyundai Ioniq 5's Style

Generally, the dazzling concept cars that carmakers show off at auto expos never end up looking quite as cool when they go into production. Hyundai's Ioniq 5 SUV is the exception.

It has all the exaggerated, out-there styling of a prototype — but you can actually buy one. As someone who drools over the hard-edged cars of the 1970s and 1980s, I couldn't help but fall in love with the Ioniq 5's origami-like creases, chiselled surfaces, and retro vibe.

Finally, I have observed these features in 15 cars. All these game-changing features are useful for you. Visit our site regularly to know the latest electric car information.