February 13, 2023 . 3 min read

Volvo 'ES90' Luxury Sedan Will Rebooted in Australia With New Name

The Volvo ES90 limousine is due to be revitalised next year and return to Australia with electric power as Volvo commits to the electric sedan, hatchback and wagon body styles in the battery-powered era. The famous EVs BMW 5 series and Mercedes Benz E-class are not available in Australia since 2019, so Volvo has decided to come up with a new EV called the S90 sedan.

We believe that the new vehicle with the "ES90" name will reach the Australian market by 2024. Drive believes that ES90 EV is a rival to the Mercedes Benz EQE, Tesla Model S, and many more. The SPA2 electric car architecture with the new EX90 is the largest electric SUV.

Volvo ES90

It is a sibling of Polestar 3 in architecture and in the EX90, it has five seats and is expected to accommodate single-motor rear-wheel drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive models. According to Drive Volvo is planning a more contemporary appearance for the electric S90 successor with the largest wheels.

The global head of Volvo, Jim Rowan said to Australian media in Melbourne last month the company is evaluating whether there is space for sedans, wagons, and hatchbacks in its future electric lineup.

The new ES90 would mark a return for Volvo to the large luxury sedan market in Australia after the S90 in 2019. Volvo said that it plans to go electric-only internationally by 2030, but the switch is planned to occur from 2026. The Volvo ES90 will go head-to-head and be placed on a collision course with a similarly sized Polestar 5. Both Volvo and Polestar electric offshoot are owned by Chinese car giant Geely.

Volvo chief operating officer Bjorn Annwall did not confirm plans for the new ES90 but pointed to a new '90 Series' electric sedan which could be sold alongside the S90. The future of the smaller S60 sedan and V60 wagon is unclear. The current versions of these vehicles are not due for replacement until 2026 compared to the S90.

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Mr Annwall told media Volvo won't move to a sprawling range of dozen of body types and sizes. "One advantage of Volvo's quite-limited car range means we can handle this transition quite effectively, because if you have 20 body sizes", Mr Annwall said.

"Once that transition is over and we are back to just electric cars, will the car range be much different than it used to be? I don't think we're going to be the brand that has many [models], we’re still going to have a fairly concentrated range.

Volvo Australia managing director Stephen Connor said Drive last year the company is preparing to introduce a new electric sedan but didn't name the model as the S90-sized ES90. "We should have another [electric car] coming through around the same time as the EX90 in 2024. It's a sedan. It will be a brand-new model in that segment," Mr Connor said in September.