Top-Best FIAT Electric Cars | Everything About FIAT Electric Vehicles (EV) Cars

Wanna fulfil your biggest dream of buying an electric car that can drive your life smoothly to various destination? Brand new Fiat electric car is the best option to grab on and lead your drive with utmost safety features and creative technology in electric driving. Fiat 500e, Fiat E are two major model EV Cars launched by FIAT in some countries. Explore every single feature of FIAT EV Cars right from model range, price, availability, battery, performance, speed, seating capacity, and many more from the list of FIAT Electric Cars available. 

Fiat Electric Car Models

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Advantages and Disadvatages of FIAT EV Cars

Following pointers speaks about the best and least features of Fiat electric cars. 


  • Good range and performance
  • Position of seats is great
  • Good value mid-range models
  • Overall great city car


  • Incomplete designing inside the car
  • Weird driving position
  • Not good at noise isolation when the glass is opened
  • Limited Cargo Space

FAQs on FIAT 500 & E Model Electric Vehicles 

  1. What type of airbags are available in FIAT Electric Cars? 

There are different types of airbags available in FIAT EV Cars such as Front-impact airbags, Side impact airbags, Knee airbags, and Overhead airbags. 

  1. What type of battery is used in Fiat EV Car? 

24 kWh lithiumion battery type is used in Fiat Electric vehicles. 

  1. How many years does fiat offers battery warranty for fiat 500e EV?

8 year/100 miles is the battery warranty for the model called fiat 500e offered by fiat.

  1. What are the models available in Fiat electric vehicles? 

Available fiat electric vehicle models are Fiat 500e Hatchback, 3+1, Cabrio, Fiat E Ulysse, E Ulysse L2, and E Ulysse L3. 

  1. What is the mileage of a Fiat 500e Electric Car? 

121 city / 103 highway MPGe is the mileage of fiat 500e electric car model.