November 23, 2022 . 4 min read

Do Electric Cars Use Oil? - What are the Other Fluids That Are Used in EVs

Our simple answer to this question is, Do electric cars use oil? Is No. As electric cars are designed with electric motors they do not require lubrication from oil changes like internal combustion engines. One of the main benefits of buying these electric cars is they will have low maintenance costs. Even though these EV cars do not use oil, they use other fluids which must be checked and replaced regularly. provides you with detailed information on those fluids that are used other than oil, key components of EV, and many more. 

  • How Does Electric Vehicle Work?
  • Things To Do To Run Your Electric Car Smoothly
  • Fluids That are Used in Electric Vehicles(EV) - Maintenance of EV
  • Can Electric Cars Overheat?
  • How much oil does electric car use?
  • Are EVs cheap to maintain?
  • How long do electric cars last?
  • Do Electric Cars Charge While Driving?

How Does Electric Vehicle Work?

Before knowing about the fluids that we use in the electric car in place of oil, we need to know how electric car works. EVs are powered by batteries, which store electrical energy which is used to power the car. This battery will be connected to the electric motor, which actually powers the car. And that motor is connected to the wheels.

As we know that electric car has fewer parts, in that gears are also available just like gas cars. And these gears in the electric vehicle we call drivetrains. And to charge these EVs we have various options that you can charge at home, or at public stations. Maintaining this EV is very simple and less costly. And these electric vehicles are environmentally friendly. 

Things To Do To Run Your Electric Car Smoothly

The main aim to launch these electric vehicles is to run the cars in an environmentally friendly. But we need to keep in mind that still we need fluids to run your electric car smoothly. So, if you are the one looking to take an electric car, you have to be prepared to maintain these fluids. Replacing these fluids regularly will help you to maintain the car in good working order. 

One best things that we have in these electric vehicles is regenerative braking. This braking is a great way to save your brake pads, and also it will help you to save fuel. As it is not only good for brakes, it also helps reduce the need for a charging station. These electric cars are a great option to save money. In the below sections, we will look into those fluids in detail. 

Fluids That are Used in Electric Vehicles(EV) - Maintenance of EV

As we dont use oil in an electric car, still electric car needs some lubricants to keep moving the parts in the car. Look below to know the fluids that we use in electric vehicles. 

  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Battery coolant
  • Windshield washing fluid
  • Air conditioning fluid
  • Steering fluid

Now, we are going to give you a clear idea about each and every fluid that we use in electric cars. 

Transmission Fluid

Many electric vehicles do not have multi-speed transmissions but they will have a direct drive unit and also EV motors have only one gear. And this transmission fluid helps to keep the gears running smoothly. 

Brake Fluid

For Electric vehicle brake systems, we use this brake fluid to operate the brake pads and discs like conventional cars. This brake fluid should be changed every 25000 miles. Regenerative braking reduces the wear and tear on the brake pads, but does not necessarily need to replace 70 brake fluid on a regular basis. 

Battery coolant

In EVs we use lithium-ion batteries, to cool these batteries from overheating, and potentially catching fire we use coolant. And this EV battery maintenance should be done under the dealer according to the vehicle maintenance schedule. This fluid is required to absorb heat from three components, the cabin heater, power inverter, and traction battery packs. 

Windshield 99zA0au fluid

This is another fluid that every electric car requires. And this windshield washing fluid is refilled when it runs out. That refilling period is based on the washer fluid you use. This same applies to other fluids like air conditioning fluid, and steering fluid too. 

Can Electric Cars Overheat?

Yes, electric cars overheat because of their battery and some other high-voltage electronics. And if the cooling system in the EV doesn’t work properly then also electric cars can overheat. Coolant systems that are placed in EVs help to cool down the battery and other high-voltage electronics without getting overheated. And even when you are driving in cool conditions, in EVs manufacturers placed a heat pump that will maintain the battery operating temperature. 

FAQs on Do Electric Cars Use Fluids

  1. How much oil does electric car use?

No, electric cars do not use oil. But they use other fluids like Transmission fluid, Brake fluid, Battery coolant, and many more. And these electric cars have low maintenance costs they are best to use. 

  1. Are EVs cheap to maintain?

Yes, Evs are a lot cheaper to maintain than gas-powered cars because they contain fewer parts. And also they dont even have engines or require oil to run.

  1. How long do electric cars last?

Electric cars can last for a long time as long as ICE vehicles. Maintenance will guarantee it as their longevity is based on batteries. And more electric car manufacturers last for 5 -10 years on their battery life.

  1. Do Electric Cars Charge While Driving?

No, electric cars do not charge while driving, however, they may come in the future. 

Final Words

If you have been reading this point, you might get an answer to your question, Do electric cars use oil? As we have discussed Evs need a little maintenance as they need to be equipped with ICE. Still, if you have any doubts or if you have any suggestions about electric cars you can comment to us in the comment section. For more interesting articles, you can check out our website.